Takoyaki, Japanese Octopus Dough Balls

Today’s Recipe Challenge: Takoyaki

Takoyaki are a really popular Japanese street food.  The best way to describe them is lightly fried dough balls, with a moist inside that is filled with deliciously chewy octopus, green onions, ginger inside and some sprinkled seaweed, more green onions, and bonito flakes on top (dried tuna flakes).

They do require some special equipment and exotic ingredients but the end result is so worth it!



One octopus leg cut into small diced pieces

A small handful of pickled ginger diced into tiny pieces

About 4 green onions sliced into small pieces

Two handfuls of bonito flakes (dried tuna flakes, find it on Amazon)

Takoyaki mix (Please follow the ingredient list on whichever bag of Takoyaki mix you buy…you can buy it on Amazon)

Some oil for brushing the machine

We wanted to mess around with different flavors so we cut up some American cheese and hotdogs as well.



Turn on takoyaki machine, and oil with a brush all over the tops and each circle.


While the machine heats, mix the takoyaki according to the packet’s directions.


When the machine is ready, begin by filling each hole halfway with batter.


Then add one chunk of octopus, some pickled ginger, some green onion, and if your takoyaki packet came with the little yellow crumbs (tempura bits), a little of that in as well.

**Please have toothpicks or a takoyaki pick ready to use to flip the takoyaki balls**

Once you see that the sides are browned and moving when you try to move them (using a toothpick or a takoyaki pick), then flip balls up 90 degrees.  Basically the batter part is facing sideways, facing the hole.  Repeat process until takoyaki is a nice browned ball.  If you notice any gaps feel free to put a little extra batter to compensate.


Place balls on serving plate.  Drizzle takoyaki sauce (or okonomiyaki sauce also found on amazon), green onions, and bonito shavings on top.

Be careful when you eat, they’re really hot!


The Result?

Okay so firstly it should be noted that we are both takoyaki aficionados.  We are obsessed with them.  Any chance we find a shop or street vendor that sells them we’ll stop to by some.  And we were so happy to find that these homemade takoyakis were almost at par with the ones we buy!

And yes, it was really really hard to flip those things, but it was worth it!


P.S. The hotdog and cheese ones were a mess


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