Chef Jet Tila’s “My Famous Drunken Noodles”

Today’s Recipe Challenge: Chef Jet Tila’s “My Famous Drunken Noodles” from 101 Asian Dishes You Need to Cook Before You Die, Jet Tila, Page Street Publishing, 2017



Jet Tila’s philosophy on Asian cooking is really refreshing.  For instance, he states that California Rolls, and Mongolian beef, two dishes knocked for being created by Asians in America should be considered authentic Asian dishes for being created in the same spirit just in a different country.  His history is fascinating as well, and all of his recipes were interesting and definitely dishes we want to try one day.  We chose this dish simply because he stated they were “His Famous” noodles, and hey if he puts his stamp on it like that, it must be worth making!



2 tbsp sweet soy sauce

1 tbsp oyster sauce

1.5 tbsp fish sauce

1 tbsp sugar

1 tsp Sriracha sauce

1 tsp minced garlic

6-8 Thai basil leaves





3 tbsp canola or peanut oil

2-3 garlic cloves minced

2 eggs beaten

1-2 serrano chiles sliced thin

6-8 large shrimp deveined and peeled

1/2 white onion sliced

4 cups fresh rice noodles

1 cup Thai basil leaves

1/2 cup grape tomatoes cut half



**Combine all SAUCE ingredients in small bowl, mix well, and set aside


For the noodles (Please note: have everything ready and prepped since stir-fry dishes are very quick.)


Heat up a saute pan heat up the oil until a white wisp of smoke appears.  This ensures that the pan is piping hot which you need for stir-fry dishes.  Add the garlic and saute until light brown.


Put beaten eggs and serrano chilis in and saute for about a minute until the eggs are just set.


Add shrimp, onions, and tomatoes folding constantly until the shrimp turn pink.


Add noodles, basil leaves, and the sauce mixture and stir-fry tossing for about 3 minutes. Make sure to scrape the bottom so that you don’t burn anything, remember your heat is on high heat the whole time!


Remember that the dish is quick, so don’t overcook, trying to get everything incorporate in the 3 minute toss.  We found it helpful to use two wooden spoons.  If you have the ability and the fire to toss like prof chefs do with their pans or woks, please do so!




The Result?

We were always wary of doing stir-fry dishes because as noted, stir-fry dishes taste better with really high heat, good woks, and nice flip-flopping wrist action in sautéing the ingredients.  HOWEVER…we found this dish really delicious, and though obviously not as good as one can get at their favorite Thai restaurant, we thought this made up a nice homemade stir-fry dish that we would definitely add to our recipe collection.


The dish calls for fresh rice noodles.  We couldn’t get a hold of any and had to do with dry rice noodles.  IF this is your case, just soak the noodles in really hot water for about 30 minutes.  But please make sure that you use a bowl or container that will give the noodles plenty of space to expand correctly or they will all stick together which then becomes inedible.



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