Ramen Spectacular!

Today’s Recipe: Amping up Ramen

Ramen, known as Ramyun in Korea, is a staple dish in Korea.  It is said that Koreans consume the most ramen in the world.  It’s no wonder too, having tasted the wide variety of options that Korean ramen companies have created since the widely successful inception of Shin Ramyun back in 1986.  Shin Ramyun changed the face of instant noodles, as the deep spicy broth and chewy noodles set a new standard in the instant noodle world.

So for today’s recipe we will be taking a Shin Ramyun packet and adding some fun flavors to create our own special ramen dish.  Feel free to experiment with your own imagination!




1 pack Shin Ramyun Korean Spicy Instant Noodles (Feel free to pick another brand, but we prefer picking higher quality ramen noodles versus the more generic kind sold at the markets for less than a dollar)

1/2 jalapeno thinly sliced

1/2 cup Kimchi (pickled Korean cabbage)

6-8 pieces Shrimp or other seafood

1 garlic clove minced

4 store-bought Asian dumplings

1 egg



Add water according to package directions, Shin Ramyun calls for 2 1/2 cups of water.  When water begins to boil add sauce packets.


Do not add noodles yet but rather begin to add the all the ingredients except egg.



Once the ingredients have had a chance to cook for a minute or two then add noodles.  Be sure to help the noodle reach the bottom of the pot as there are now a lot of ingredients crowding it.


Once the noodles begin to soften, lift them up once in awhile with chopsticks or tongs.  This ensures that the noodles retain a nice texture.


When the noodles are almost done crack an egg into the pot.  You can decide whether or not you’d like to break up the yolk, or keep it whole.  If you want to break up the egg then swirl your chopsticks or tongs all around the pot to ensure the egg gets broken up well.


After a minute you’re all done!  Eat straight out of the pot or ladle into serving bowl.  Eat as is or serve with a small side of rice, dried seaweed, or maybe some extra pickled vegetables.  Please be careful as it is very very hot!


As stated please have fun putting whatever items you’d like in your ramen.  Have any good ideas?  Please feel free to let us know!  Until then…HAPPY EATING!


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