Omu Rice = Omelette Rice

Today’s Recipe: Omu Rice = Japanese Omelette Rice


Omu Rice is a type of home-cooking very popular in Japan and Korea.  To put it simply it’s fried rice wrapped in an large fried egg omelette and then topped with ketchup or gravy.  It’s garnering a lot of attention lately due to a restaurant in Japan with an unique take on omu rice.  A lot of social media chefs have been trying to remake it.

We decided to stick with the traditional style, the kind our mother made for us.  But since we’re messing around we decided to try a twist by making a black bean sauce version too.




What you’ll need:

Two bowls of white rice

Choice of protein: We chose Spam but feel free to use beef, chicken, tofu…whatever you fancy!

Assorted veggies: we chose just an easy corn/pea/carrot/green bean mix

Diced Onions

Soy Sauce

2-3 eggs per omelette

Butter and Oil to cook

And just for kicks the packaged sauce from Instant Black Bean noodles package, or if you have a black bean sauce jar you like to use feel free to use it.



Cook the protein, onions, and veggies until cooked through.



Put rice in and begin to stir-fry.  Don’t mush or mash the rice as it will turn into a sticky texture.  Rather use two spatulas/wooden spoons and kind of toss them together, but making sure to incorporate the veggies into it well.


Add soy sauce to your liking.  We like to put enough so the rice turns evenly brown.  Try a few teaspoons at at time until you’re comfortable with it.  Remember, it’s okay to taste as you go!


Beat your two eggs.  Melt butter and oil and place the beaten eggs into the pan on medium/low heat.  You don’t want the eggs to fry but rather stay nice and soft.

Once egg has been flipped and cooked through place your fried rice onto the bottom half of the egg.  Flip the other half over it like an omelette.  If it’s too hard to transfer the omelette from the fry pan onto your plate then feel free to put the egg on your plate first and repeat the process.

Get your gravy or ketchup and have fun decorating!  We prefer ketchup so we drew some images on ours.



Repeat process with veggies, onions, and protein.  Then put the black bean sauce in and stir-fry for a few seconds.  Then add about a quarter cup of water to hydrate the sauce and then put the rice in.  Repeat stir-fry process and egg process.

Decorate and have fun.


Serve Omu rice with a side of pickled radishes, kimchi, or any other pickled veggie you like.  Serve for breakfast or any meal of the day!  And mostly, have fun decorating!

Happy Eating!!!


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