Burger Week Stop #4: In-n-Out Burger

I mean we’ll admit it, we’re really lucky to live in So. Cal, the home of In-n-Out, what we consider the best burger you can get as fast food.  It is also definitely comparable to a gourmet burger you can buy with it’s fresh patties which are never frozen, fresh fries which are never frozen, and that sauce!!!

Here’s the history:

Harry and Esther Snyder built the first In-n-Out Burger in 1948 in the city of Baldwin Park, California.  It is still family-owned and operated, franchises are not available to keep quality under control.  They also have stated that they will never open a restaurant that doesn’t have access to their own distribution plants.  Hence, with their recent expansions to Texas, Nevada, Utah, and Arizona, new distribution plants were built just to accommodate them.


And just when things can’t get anymore amazing, their prices!  Let us explain…We bought a Double-Double Combo (the #1) which is a double patty double cheeseburger with tomatoes, lettuce, onions, and sauce.  The combo includes fries and a drink.  Then we bought some stuff off of their ‘secret menu’.  Such as, a 4×4 (when ordering you say a 4 by 4) which is 4 meats and 4 cheese slices with the fixings, Grilled Cheese which is everything but the meat with thick American cheese in the middle, then we got cheese fries, and Animal Style fries which is fries topped with cheese, grilled onions, and sauce.  Our total was less than $30 and the 4×4 was only $6.15???  IN-N-OUT WE LOVE YOU!


The menu is super simple.  And their shakes are really good too.  But like we said, the secret menu is also fun too.  Here’s some of the more wilder ones:

Monkey Style – Basically an In-n-Out burger that is topped with the Animal Style fries we mentioned earlier…!  Whew that one is intense!

Flying Dutchman – A burger with two cheese slices between each patty versus one cheese slice.  Cheeseheads unite!

Neapolitan Shake – They serve pretty good shakes, they’re available in Vanilla, Chocolate, Strawberry flavors.  Ask for a neapolitan then yep!  You get a shake with all 3 flavors!  That’s what our family always gets.

Whole Grilled Onions – Instead of the itty bitty chopped grilled onions you can get a whole slice of an onion grilled, amping up the flavor even more!

There are so many options some more tamer than others of course like a protein burger (no buns but wrapped in lettuce instead), and though you should never judge others you can also replace the sauce for ketchup and/or mustard.  Though let us tell you, not having their secret sauce is like drinking lukewarm soda.  What’s the point???

And don’t forget to ask for the banana peppers if you need a little spice.  We still remember that day when J whipped those out of the bag and our aunt who’s been living in California for over 40 years made such a commotion that she had never known those existed! That’s J’s tip.

And A’s tip?  Ask for a side of spread!  It is so much more awesome to dip the fries in their sauce than ketchup.  They have packets of them ready now (before they used to be in little sauce cups), and it makes eating fries even more fantastic!

IMG957328Our order:

A Double-Double combo (the #1 with onions), A 4×4, A Grilled Cheese

Animal Style fries, Cheese fries


A 4×4 closeup.

This is the largest burger you can make now.  Before, people have popped up on social media having ordered 100×100’s but now they’re limiting it to a 4×4.

We probably eat In-n-Out at least every other week.  Like we said, their food is fresh and you can definitely taste the difference.  For some reason it doesn’t feel as heavy as other burger joints and the staff is usually super friendly.  And I think in the many many years we’ve eaten at In-n-Out, we can count on one hand the number of times they’ve messed up an order.

Warning though:  They can get super crowded, particularly the drive-thru line in the evening.  So be prepared to wait, our longest wait was half an hour.  But again…SO worth it!

Happy Eating!

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