Burger Week the FINAL DAY

Today is our final day of Burger Week and also the first day of our new week, Ramen Week! And what better way than to hybrid the two with one of social media’s most hyped-up recipes: the Ramen Burger!

The Ramen Burger became popularized by Keizo Shimamoto and it subsequently became a frenzy on both social media and general media alike. People have waited for hours to be able to eat one of these East-meets-West fusion dishes.

We’ve eaten the original Ramen Burger several times but decided to try our own at home since we can’t go to these foodie events all the time, and we’re glad we did!


What you need:

One Ramen Packet

2 eggs

Cheese – we used mozzarella

1/4 lb ground beef – we used 80-20% for juiciness

Veggies for your burger (we used tomato, onion, and slaw with cabbage, cilantro, and onions)

Sauce for your buns (we chose Sriracha-mayo)

Marinade for your patty (we used teriyaki, feel free to use soy sauce, bulgogi marinade etc)


Marinade your patty
Mix your sauce of choice in the patty and mix well.


Make the Ramen Noodle Buns
Boil noodles with half the packet of seasoning. Save half for later use. When finished, drain and rinse in cold water to stop the cooking.


Beat one egg with the other half of the seasoning, and place noodles in. Mix well until the eggs have covered all the noodles.


Use two identical bowls, placing half the noodles in each pressing down firmly. Use foil or plastic wrap and place on top of each noodle. Then using two more identical bowls, or anything with weight put on top of the noodles to keep the noodles in their shape. Then place in fridge for about 15 minutes.

**Another idea? Using two muffin pans, place 6 equal amounts of noodles in tins, and using the other muffin pan on top to shape the ‘buns’ to make slider size buns.


Place oil into frying pan and heat.

To take the noodles out, loosen it by shaking it out into your palm first but don’t take out of the bowl. Instead try to plop the noodles into the heated frying pan being careful not to burn yourself. Do not move the noodles as you need them to keep their shape, only moving them when you feel the bottom has crisped. Cook both sides until nice and crispy and move to a separate plate.


Cook your meat to your desired doneness, brushing more sauce on the patty as you cook. Cook the other egg also to your desired doneness.


Assemble your burger! We chose to mix the slaw with the Sriracha-mayo, and put that on top of the meat and cheese. Most ramen burgers come with green onions so feel free to add that instead of regular onions!

We hope you enjoy the unique bun of this burger and we thank you for sticking with us this week as we chomped our way through burgers. Now it’s time to go slurp some ramen noodles!

Happy Eating!

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