Ramen Week Day1: Wazakuraken Ramen

Today is our first day of Ramen Week…woohoo!!!

For our first going out excursion we decided to check out Wazakuraken Ramen in Rancho Cucamonga.


The menu offered about 12 Ramen/Noodle dishes including Udon and Soba, some rice dishes, sides and appetizers and what “A” was really happy about: O-Nigiri (rice balls).

the most popular items when we scoured Yelp seemed to be the Chashu (pork belly) and Karage (fried chicken) Ramen so we ordered those. The Chashu is the photo on the left and the Karage on the right.  The chicken came on a separate plate.


Rice balls are basically rice wrapped around a fish or meat or veggie concoction.  Wazakuraken offered a few choices like Tuna with Mayo, Spicy Salmon etc.  Then that rice ball is usually rolled around in Furikake which is basically seaweed flakes seasoned in salt, sugar, sesame seeds etc.  Then it was wrapped entirely in a larger seaweed wrap.


The ramen broth was creamy as expected (broth is made from pork bones boiled at low heat for a long time…or it should be made that way!  But there are vegan/vegetarian options too).  The eggs were cooked yummy (Japanese ramen eggs are soft-boiled in a soy-sauce based seasoning creating that yummy brown flavored egg white), and the other veggies in the soup were good too (bamboo shoots, sea kelp etc).

It’s a nice little ramen shop in the Inland Empire, so if you’re ever in want of ramen it’s not a bad place to go.  We’ll definitely be back, and look to try some different ramen ‘flavors’ the next time around.

Happy Eating!

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