Sushi Time!


Location: Sushi Hoshi 1925 W Malvern Ave, Fullerton, CA 92833

Info: All-You-Can-Eat (AYCE) $25.99 for dinner


AYCE Sushi is really really common here in Southern California.  Typically priced around $21.99 to typically $29.99.  Although it may seem pricey, it’s a much better deal if you’re going to be eating more than one roll as most rolls go for about $9.99 and up.

AYCE Sushi often offer other non-sushi items to help clean the palate and also to keep their prices down I’m sure.  They usually offer items such as miso soup, tempuras, edamame and more!  We usually get miso soup and edamame when we order.


There are different types of sushi, ranging from rolls to nigiri.  Though many would argue that rolls shouldn’t be called sushi, Nigiri sushi is the traditional offering of fish/egg/seafood over rice.  Rolls are obviously the ingredients rolled up with veggies and such.  Sushi Hoshi offered a HUGE variety of both rolls and nigiri sushi.  So we went for a variety of items and we were pleasantly surprised.


Some Nigiri Sushi, and Roe sushi.


IMG_5892The Rainbow Roll – a California roll topped with a variety of raw fish, shrimp and avocado.


Some more Nigiri Sushi including scallop (bottom center) and Tamago, basically a complex and seasoned steamed egg sushi.


Some baked rolls, super good but we almost died trying to finish them!


We tried their udon which they offered on their AYCE menu.  Was actually really good.


We were pleased also that they put very little rice in their Nigiri Sushi as a lot of AYCE sushi restaurants seem to pack the rice in to try and make you full faster.  It was especially nice because all of the AYCE places we’ve been to always warn you about being charged extra if you leave out the rice in the sushi.  Thought this place was really really fair by doing that.  And the fish seemed a lot better quality than most AYCE sushi restaurants we’ve been to.  Sometimes the fish quality is just so darn chewy whereas raw fish should kind of melt in your mouth.

A little wasabi goes a long way if you need a slight kick, or try a piece of the ginger they give you for a sharp zing.

So the next time you’re in the mood for sushi and interested in trying out different varieties try an AYCE near you and have fun deciding which combination of rolls you’d like, or maybe try a new fish or seafood Nigiri sushi you’ve been curious to try.  What better way than to expand your palate?

Happy Eating!


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